Spread happiness! 



With the app thx for, people and companies can live a life of gratitude and mutual esteem. How? Users like you send messages with a gift attached to it. These gifts are provided by regional partners. In this way, you get to know your local businesses – and the companies get the attention of new customers.

Our video gives you a glimpse of what to expect in the app:

Gift as a thanks 

With your thx for-message, you send and then make use of products and services of regional businesses. Everybody benefits from this: You get to treat yourself, your friends or your family to a nice gift, boost the regional economy in doing so and give the companies the chance to introduce their services and products to a new crowd of people.

Interested? Want to get to know your local businesses? Then get the app! Here are some examples of previous gifts.


thx for Mitgliedschaft Membership Geschenk
thx for-member for 2018
Free membership

thx for-member for 2018

You want to be part of thx for for free? Send the code from the gift in the app to office@thx-for.com.



Take your family to the Zoo for a fun day out.

[Translate to English:] Frühstück Geschenk bei Haubis Backstube & Café Hagenberg
thx for breakfast
Bakery & Café

thx for breakfast

Start your day with a free breakfast as a gift from a bakery.

[Translate to English:] Kostenloser Cocktail als Geschenk im Jukebox American Diner in Unterweitersdorf
thx for Cocktail

thx for Cocktail

[Translate to English:] Hotel Falkensteiner Bad Leonfelden Geschenk
Day Spa
Hotel & Spa

Day Spa

[Translate to English:] Arbing meets Africa Geschenk Patenschaft für ein Jahr
Arbing meets Africa Sponorship
thx for

Arbing meets Africa Sponorship

Do good with thx for!

Look for the perfect gift for yourself and your friends in the app!



thx for brings you great times

[Translate to English:] thx for bringt Zeit für schöne Erlebnisse.[Translate to English:] Zeit ist das wertvollste Geschenk in unserer heutigen Zeit.

thx for-gifts: the special way to say thanks!

A thx, a token of appreciation or just a way to say “great to have you around!“: Life offers ample opportunities to show your appreciation and send a thx for. And the products and services of regional business, that you can attach to these messages, are a true pleasure! 

Time, the most valuable of gifts!

What is the greatest gift in this day and age? Having the time for exceptional experiences and beautiful moments – for the two of you or with the entire family, for sports, in a restaurant or a spa, in the cinema or on the golf court.

With the gifts in thx for, you treat yourself and others to some time for nice experiences in special venues. 


The thx for-venues

Our thx for-members are regional businesses and companies where you can spend a great time. They invite you to test and experience their special offers, products and services.

Have fun browsing through and getting to know our many thx for-members!

Evers Unterweitersdorf
****s Hotel Lebensquell Bad Zell
Optik Kroboth
FALKENSTEINER - Hotel & Spa Bad Leonfelden****
Tierpark Haag
BP Tankstelle Singer
Lusthouse Haag
Climbing Solutions
Shake Mauthausen
Studio One Hair and Face Design
Rox Musicbar Linz
ZMPT - Zentrum für muskuloskelettale Physiotherapie
Mühlviertler FEUERzeug
Man meets Cocktail
KI Mental
Wiaz'Haus Dinghofer
Therapie Team Perg
Linzer Alm
Martin Pfeiffer Steuerberatungs GmbH
K3 Die Bar mit Ausblick
Romantikhotel Im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee
Moststube Frellerhof
mia/4 Likör-Schnaps-Shop
Massagepraxis Birgit Schwab
Be Happy Öpping
Arbing meets Africa
Pössenberger Buch und Büro
Pictoment Fotobox
Therapiezentrum Lindemann Katsdorf
Schilift Freistadt
Bogart 2.0 im Stadthaus
pure and green
Krichbaumer Versichungsmakler
Ordination mit Herz
Markus Oirer – Das Erfolgsprinzip

Come and visit one of the popular thx for-companies yourself!



The team behind thx for

Thx for GmbH was founded in 2016 by Heinrich Enengl (founder, CEO), Verena Hahn-Oberthaler (co-founder, CEO) and Beate Enengl (founder, strategy). In the summer of 2017, Mona Hödlmayr joined the team as an associate.

Backing thx for are supporters that were here from the get-go as well as an ever-expanding team of dedicated staff. 


From left to right: Heinrich Enengl (founder, CEO), Verena Hahn-Oberthaler (co-founder, CEO), Beate Enengl (founder, strategy) and Melanie Greisinger, Bsc (social media, back office).

About thx for 

thx for GmbH is a communications company that runs the app thx for. Its goal is to enable people to bring gratitude and mutual esteem into their lives. For one, users of the app can send special messages with thx for. And for thx for-member companies, the app is an innovative tool to promote their business throughout the region by using recommendation marketing. At the same time, they cultivate customer retention, human resources, image marketing and corporate social responsibility. In the app thx for, they provide regional products and services free of charge – and users have the opportunity to share these with friends, family or colleagues. In a nutshell: a positive spiral of appreciation, society and economy develops.

thx for is grateful for the many supports from the get-go as well as for the ever-expanding numbers of users and members, that are making thx for better by the day. thx for!

thx for is also thankful for the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, as well as the patronage of the Austrian Program of Rural Development 2014-2020 (LE 14-20) and the European Union


[Translate to English:] Das LE 14-20-Logo.