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Attract attention with thx for by expanding your reach and popularity. For marketing purposes, make new products and services known by providing them to users of the app free of charge. In doing this, you say thanks to regular customers and win new clients by making use of the effective method of recommendation marketing.

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What thx for does



Show what makes you an appreciative business that works on mutual esteem and why your company is a place where customers can spend a special time together. You’ll polish your image in doing so, while expanding your reach and loyal customers will always have you in mind.


[Translate to English:] Screenshot des virtuellen Schaufensters in thx for.

Showcase your business as being a regional company where mutual esteem is held high!

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The thx for-effect


With thx for, you have the opportunity to showcase special offers, products and services. Local users of the app get to know you and stay on – as loyal customers. One of the benefits of recommendation marketing!

thx for is an effective tool in staff and customer retention as well as in corporate social responsibility. A win-win-situation, helping to boost your image!

Thx for brings people pure joy – and keeps them coming back to you!

Coming soon: thx for-marketplace

Small tokens of appreciation, pleasant experiences and precious hours spent together:


Starting in 2019, placing products and services that require payment in the app thx for will become possible. 


The thx for-community can choose a gift for themselves or others among your selection of products and services. Users can send these attached to their thx for-messages.

You have an upcoming birthday, birth or an anniversary? It’s about time to say thank you for a piece of advice or some help you’ve received? With thx for, it's easy to find the perfect gift for every occasion in your local area.



thx for: mutual esteem and appreciation acts like a vitamin and factor of success for your business!